I’m a clinical psychologist and CBT therapist who specialises in helping adults overcome psychological distress

A bit about me

Over the past 15 years I’ve supported people with a variety of difficulties: depression, bipolar disorder , cyclothymia, dysthymia, post traumatic stress disorder, health anxiety and social phobia to name a few. Though for many clients these categories don’t fit neatly, so I go for a more rounded psychological assessment, focussing on the person rather than the diagnostic label.

I’m a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society, and I’ve been awarded the title of Associate Fellow for my contribution to the field of psychology.

How was Bothma Psychology born?

I’ve learned there’s no universal formula for long-lasting wellbeing. Our unique experiences, personality traits and stress points mean that the path to being well and staying well is different for each of us. Bothma Psychology is built on years of training and development to offer a tailored therapeutic environment for each of my clients.

What do I bring to my practice?

Witnessing so much social upheaval when growing up in South Africa taught me how vital adapting to change is for wellbeing. I’ve also witnessed many changes in the UK and I recognise a growing demand for psychological help, with limited support available. Being an accredited CBT therapist enables me to offer short-term, focused therapy to help people get back on track as quickly as possible.

Many people I’ve worked with have difficulties connecting with others. Relating to other people, whether family members, colleagues, or therapists can be complicated. I’m qualified to provide in-depth and longer-term therapies for people who struggle with relationship patterns. Developing a meaningful connection with my clients to support them effectively is hugely important to me.

I’ve always been interested in the wider context of my clients’ lives: their family, work, and social and cultural networks. I was part of a couples and family therapy clinic for many years within the NHS, and I draw on this experience in helping clients think about how their social situations affect their wellbeing.

My interest in psychotherapy led me to enter my own psychoanalysis, and this time as a client rather than therapist strengthened my psychological awareness as well as my desire and capacity to help others.

How I work

Through Bothma Psychology I draw on these approaches to create something that works for you . You’re not just a collection of symptoms. Your situation, difficulties and personal goals won’t fit neatly into a particular clinical framework and I don’t expect them to. I design a therapeutic process tailored to your specific needs and development goals.

Outside of work

I wholeheartedly believe that wellness is about more than therapy. I encourage all of my clients to take care of themselves and part of that is seeking outlets for fun and creativity. I am a keen swimmer, especially in the sea, and find it’s one of the best ways to calm my busy mind. I’m also an enthusiastic artist and see painting as a way to switch off the pressure, reject perfectionism and be playful every so often.

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